Thursday, January 30, 2014

Watercolor Techniques - How to paint a fish

If you ever wondered 'How to draw a fish?" or "Is painting a fish easy?" You have come to the right place. It is indeed simple to draw/paint a fish.

After following this step by step fish tutorial, I believe you would have painted a fish like the one below:

Koi Fish Painting

1. Card Stock or watercolor paper or any good quality paper for painting
2. Watercolor or you may even use Acrylics
3. Brushes -Round brush (No. 2) and 1 big brush for background
4. Brush Tank or a big glass of water to clean the brushes

Step by step fish tutorial

Start by mixing orange into yellow paint. Put down some paint with your round brush, the way shown below.

Step by step fish tutorial

Next step has two more colors: 1. Orange and  2. Orange with white 

 You don't have to follow it exactly. Just try to get the shape of the fish. 

Step by step fish tutorial

Use thalo blue to define the shapes even better. You may even paint the tiny eyes at this time.

Step by step fish tutorial

Paint the fins and do the background.

For the background, just play with your blues and greens and even some yellow.

If you like this tutorial, let me know about it by posting your comments. 

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How to draw a rose tutorial

This blog post is dedicated to my loving husband. :)

In this tutorial I will share how to make a simple Love Greeting card with Rose. This is my Valentine's Day special tutorial which is just around the corner.

If you are looking out for a very basic (Level 1) Rose - step by step  tutorial, follow the link, "How to draw a rose?"

If you are looking for a more advanced level tutorial, follow this linkHow to paint roses? (Valentine's Day Special)

Well, lets get to work.
To make this Homemade Rose Greeting Card, you would need the following:

1. Card Stock (off white color or any other light color)
2. Round Brush (No. 1 or 2)
3. Acrylics Paint (Cadmium Red and Deep Green - Any Brand...I prefer Grumbacher)
4. Color Palette
5. Brush tank or a big cup of water to clean the brush
6. Rubber Stamp with a message
7. Stamp Pad

To understand how to paint the rose, follow the steps as shown in the pictures. 

This little piece requires only 2 colors. I have thinned down the colors with lot of water. In some places, the color is applied very thin and in some other places the same color is applied thick, that brings in tints and shades of the color by itself.

If your green is too bright, add a little bit of red to make it look like a natural leaf color.

Once you are done with painting the rose,dip your rubber stamp into your stamp pad and stamp on the Card carefully. There you go! Your beautiful handmade Valentine's Day Greeting card is ready.

If you like this tutorial, let me know by posting your comments.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Charcoal Sketch - Basket of flowers

Sketch after Leonardo Da Vinci

Self Portrait with Graphite Pencils

Happy New Year to everyone. 2014 will be a great year with lots of stuff happening in my creative journey. Here are a couple of my finished work. These are 'Self - Portraits' which I sketched using Graphite Pencils. I sketched these using my pictures as reference.

I could capture the likeness in my portraits. :)

Christmas Painting

Christmas 2013 was very special. Here's one of the special things I did for Christmas. I wanted to capture the beauty of my Christmas tree and the warmth of  fireplace in my painting. I think I could achieve that. It was fun and something different from the usual stuff.

It was a magical Christmas for me as I found 3 gifts under my Christmas tree when I got up from my sleep on Christmas day. I got some beautiful and valuable gifts from my husband which will help me in my artistic endeavour.

Christmas Painting