Saturday, April 28, 2012

10 Reasons Why You Must Play Board Games

I have been playing board games ever since I can remember. My childhood days were fun. We had lots of board games and playing them with my two siblings was a great pastime activity. Although I have several gaming consoles, I love playing board games & card games almost everyday with my husband.
Here are some reasons why I love playing Board Games:

1. Quick into Play:
Board games are so easy to start and to get into play. All I have to do is just pull out a board game & enjoy.

2. Easy to Play:
Board games are designed in such a way that it caters audiences of different age – groups. However, irrespective of the age factor, the game rules are generally not sophisticated.

3. Stress – Free:
After a long day of work in front of the computer, a board game can help relieve stress from your eyes. Moreover, it’s a great way to relax.  

4. Quality Time:
Playing board games is an interesting way to spend quality time with your loved one. It feels great to win and also feels good to see your companion happy when they win.

5. Choice- Luck based/Strategy:
There are many different games to choose from as per your liking. Luck based games & strategy games are the two main categories of board games. Games like ‘Snakes & Ladders’ & ‘Sorry’ are totally luck-based. Furthermore, games like ‘Chess’ & ‘Go’ requires the player to think strategically throughout the game.

6. A New World:The layout of the board speaks to the gamer in its own way. There are funky characters or paths (Example:Sorry) or territories (Example: Risk) or some other elements on the game board that pulls the gamers into a new world. That’s the magic of a game board. You will get lost in its world for hours.

7. Clear Goal:
The most interesting aspect of the board game is the board itself. The goal is clear & self explanatory in most of the board games.

8. Game Duration:
Many board games have unpredictable time duration. It is difficult to predict the time required for a game session. A game like ‘Sorry’ involving 2 players could get over within 20 minutes at times. Perhaps, it would require more than an hour some other time. Nevertheless, the games are so exciting that players lose track of time.

9. Fun Factor:
Every game experience is unique. Different games have different elements of fun & most of the games are thrilling. The best example that comes to my mind is ‘Chess.’ If both the players are of equal caliber, then the match is so thrilling that a single move can change the entire game. You never know who would win till the end.

10. Expressions:
You would come across many moments where you & your other gaming companions would smile, laugh, chuckle, giggle, say “uff,” “ah,” “oh-no,” “wow,” and utter all such expressions hidden deep within.

Did you ever imagine such priceless goodies are packed within a board game? If you just want to live the moment & have fun, get some players, pick your board game & play! 


Esmeralda Tabarez said...

In addition, board games can enhance one’s educational skills. When children play board games, they can actually learn and improve their skills in counting, sorting, and color recognition. They enhance kids’ reading skills and memory that helps them remember specific information, pictures, clues, and strategies. Board games develop children’s problem solving skills, determination, logical reasoning, and confidence that helps each and every one of them in their academic career.

Esmeralda Tabarez

Brunda Merinal said...

Thank you Esmeralda for sharing your insight. :)