Friday, March 9, 2012

Las Vegas Slots - Machines of Magic

I had been to Las Vegas twice last year. Although various thoughts crossed my mind about this place before my visit, my perspective about this sparking world changed after playing some really cool casual games in the casinos. Yes! I mean ‘Casual Games.’

There are various games in the Las Vegas casinos. A couple of games that I enjoyed playing and ‘winning’ were Slot Machines and Roulette.

In this post I would highlight certain interesting stuff about the Slot Machines.

Slot Machines are the most popular attractions in any casino in Las Vegas. These are gambling machines which can be played by anyone as a casual game. More than 60% of a casino’s revenue in the United States comes from slot machines alone. In my opinion, it entices many old and new players to try their luck at these magic machines because of these facts:

1. Playing the slot machines does not require any special gambling skills.
2. Just by pushing a button, a player can win a mind-blowing jackpot.
3. The game can be played with a very small bet. The minimum bet amount varies for different machines ranging from $1 to $5.
4. The player does not look like a hardcore gambler.
5. The game can be played comfortably as there are many, many and many more people of various age groups trying their ‘Luck’ too.

The player has to input the dollar bills to start the game. It is totally up to the player to decide on how much amount to ‘risk.’ By pushing the ‘Bet/Play’ button the player can get immersed in the game. Three or more reels spin, depending on the machine, showing certain combinations. Depending on the player’s betting amount per round & the combinations shown on the reels, the player wins or loses the bet.

Modern slot machines are totally computerized. The mechanics are simple. The combinations are generated with a ‘random number generator’ which are controlled by computer microprocessors.

People enjoy risking a small amount as they have a chance of winning a large amount effortlessly. The trick is to withdraw (Cash Out) from the game if you win some bucks. It is an enjoyable game if you don’t fall into the trap of greed. Give it a try, it’s fun. Lots of luck!

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